Monday, May 24, 2010

Fedora Board and Fedora Engineering Steering committee, voting


It is that time againg please vote.
 Es tiempo de Votar en las elecciones de Fedora, así que a votar.

Fedora Board


Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Pizza Bash Panama – Fedora release Planning

Last week was a good Fedora and Floss communities week, on Friday Fedora Panama has a small meeting at a Pizza Place to plan our Fedora 13 release party, we have 3 out four ambassadors on that meet and Jose Gabriel our 13 years old Fedora Panama member who wants to be an ambassadors, hope he get approval soon. The plan now is hold a Fedora Release Party on June 11.

Here are more  pics.

Pizza Bash

Taking the idea from our friends in Nicaragua, we had on Saturday our first pizza bash meeting, something we will continue to do every month, it was a gathering of all Panamanian floss communities, Ubuntu with Diego Tejera was the organizer, we have people from Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Open Suse, and Drupal communities. The great thing to notice on this meet was the students of Universidad Nacional, who wanted to create a LUG there and was a multidisciplinary group from Computer mayor to Medicine. Some of this students want to be part of the local and international communities as developers and other task on their communities. This is going to be a good group to start working with and soon will be great news of the work there. Thanks to the Intereamerican university of Panama and Dean Mirtha Rodriguez who allow us to hold the meet there.

Here is more pics

--- Spanish ---

Después de un tiempo por fin logramos hacer una pequeña reunión del grupo local de Fedora, la idea de esta reunión fue ponernos de acuerdo para realizar la fiesta de lanzamiento de Fedora 13 Goddard. En esta reunión estuvo el joven miembro de Fedora Panamá Jose Gabriel, conversamos sobre lo que queremos hacer en Fedora y los próximos eventos.

Para ver mas fotos aquí.

Pizza Bash, emulando la iniciativa llevada a cabo por nuestro embajador de Nicaragua Neville, se realizo por primera vez en Panamá los Pizza Bash, la reunión se realizo en la Universidad Interamericana de Panamá gracias a la colaboración de la decana Mirtha Rodriguez, quien nos facilito el salón en la universidad. La reunión fue un exito participaron miembros de las comunidades locales Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Open Suse y Drupal. Destacamos la partipación multidisciplinaria de los estudiantes de la Universidad Nacional quienes usan distintas distribuciones de Linux y tienen un interés extraordinario en el movimiento de Software Libre y Linux. Esperamos apoyarlos en la formación del LUG de la universidad y en todo lo referente a las comunidades a formarse allí.

Para ver mas Fotos aquí

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Radio talk about Floss and Fedora.

Last week I was invited to talk about Floss and Fedora on a Radio Show.

Here is the Audio File
Talk was on Spanish.

--- Spanish---

La semana pasada fui invitado a un programa de radio a conversar sobre FLOSS y Fedora.

Alli les dejo el link.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fedora 13 Goddard

Fedora 13 release is close, while we wait for the final release, the beta stage on develop let us take a pic on what is new on Fedora some thing catch my attention on this new release. 

First, changes on anaconda installation it allow installations on SANS and DASD

Second, new layout to select the place to install it show you all options in one screen with all definitions and warnings.

Third, new layout to choose the type of file system to use, allow you to see all options you have from standard partition, raid options and LVM, all handle on one simple screen.

After that all options remain the same as before. 

Disk Utility has a mayor change on Fedora 13, it can manage LVM, RAID devices

There are many other changes on this new version, will comment some of them later.