Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fedora 34 Beta Upgrade

 Fedora 34 Beta

Fedora 34 Beta was release so needed to test, my first move was to upgrade my HP probook machine  following the dnf system-upgrade steps works with no issue and my machine came up to Fedora 34 with any issues. To my surprise since have not been on the loop of release, the machine seems faster, it is an old notebook, but works. Love the new Gnome 40, seems faster than before and more comfortable.

After that upgrade repeated the same treatment on my Mac BookPro with the same results boot faster, nice and smooth interface from Gnome 40, have to give to Gnome team, excellent work.

Only issue my VPN connection did not work, have to set the proper cipher. So no big issue.

Must of my work consist of ruby scripts which run on version 2.6 and 2.7 so Fedora 34 comes with Ruby version 3.0 some of my scripts did not work, one solution was to remove ruby and use rvm to install the different versions that I needed. But did not wanted to do that, time to check Fedora modularity a quick glance to the documentation a couple of dnf module commands and was set with version 2.7 and keep working as usual.

If you have not check modularity will recommend to read documentation at 

on my case this where steps needed

   sudo dnf remove ruby

   sudo dnf module list 

   sudo dnf module enable ruby:2.7

   sudo dnf module install ruby:default/2.7

from that point on ruby 2.7 works and all gems installed are related to 2.7 so it works and my works will continue normal.

As always Fedora team do a great job with upgrades.