Sunday, April 30, 2017

Flisol Panama 2017

Flisol this year was organized by Jose Reyes and Luis Manuel part of the new organization force in Panama, it was great to see all new generation of Fedora Panama members organizing events. While those are the faces at the events there are others working with them which make the team work.

For a while my activity has been watching new people organizing, and doing the events, which is a really good thing, we need to refresh and  recharge, plus we need to see new people in charge, it has been fun looking at Abdel playing the role of the elderly of the group couching and advising the young new generation of Fedora and Free Software fellows.

Getting back to Flisol, it was good to see new and old community members been part of the conferences and realize how some of the people in the local community has grow as professionals and as person.

Bruno Regno Floss-pa member shared with us the result of his work in the Green Freedom project, it provide 7 schools with computer rooms of 30 thin clients computer and server, running Ubuntu and xfce for desktop to provide students the skills to lean Open Office and some other Open Source tools.

Demostenes Garcia Floss-pa member demonstrate how to use GrapQL, it was nice a new tool to learn. Demostenes is working on an government agency where he is the head of the IT department he leads his team to use Open Source and Agile methodology on as many projects as possible, becoming an example of what can be accomplish on with Open Souce on the local government. You can see its work here

Ytzvan Mastino another Floss-pa member and entrepreneur from talk about DevOps.

Diego Tejera from give a talk about entrepreneurship with Open Source in Panama, something he has accomplish well. It is important to notice that he started Floss-pa and was involve on it for many years before starting his company, now is one of floss-pa sponsors, thanks for your support.

Julian Vega Floss-pa member from Chiriqui talk about Blender and later give a Blender workshop.

Gonzalo Nina from provide us a talk about ethical hacking and security.

 Vladimir Cespedes talk about Angular 4.0

Leonardo Esquema talk about reactive system and Frameworks.

Work shops of the day where:

Web Scrapping by Luis Manuel Segundo

Webapp with Meteors in real time by Mayron Torres

Marketing Campaing by Jonas Hernandez

So many new people and old ones sharing with the next generation of Floss-pa and Fedora members.

This time the event was hosted at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama  it was fun returning to this university and enjoy sharing with new students and teachers

I'm eager to know the new generation of people, it was fun. Many thanks to Ethical Hacking and Rootstack for the pizza and Alvaro Andrade for the dinner for the organization team. Many thanks to  Shelsy A who help with the design.

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