Monday, May 30, 2011

FUDCon Panama 2011

Many days has pass since Panama, has the great honor to be chosen to host FUDCon Latam 2011, many days of meetings, work and perseverance. FUDCon time arrive, with many expectations, we meet, at the beginning a bit confuse, some of the NIC names now become faces and real people, and one of Fedora core values become natural and easy Friendship, we laughs, share and enjoy our self on this opportunity.


Part of the plan was to pick up all our friends from Fedora at the airport, and we did, perhaps the only confusing on that part was Itamar and Jared, on our schedule, they have to wait a bit on the airport but we pick them up. On Wednesday after a bit issue with Venezuelans flight we got every one at City of knowledge and we have dinner for first time at the Ñeque small bowling area and restaurant. For many of us it is the first time we meet face to face. Every one prepare to stay at the Villas, a three rooms six beds, with kitchen, air condition, internet and all you need to spend nights at the FUDCon.

First day

It was a rush of emotions and worries, preparing the last details, booklets ready ( Booklets will be an entire post later), badges ready. Taking everything from the villas to the Convention Center, prepare the banners, the room and reception. At around 8:30 people starting to arrive while we run from place to place, checking everything, protocol Team (5 volunteers from the UTP, many thanks to them, they work hard) sign them in, give their badges, t-shirts, Fedora USB key and show them to the room. At the end they got everything to the 140 people who show up.

Getting Ready

Abdel Martinez "Potty", give a sort welcome and introduction to Fedora Project Leader and all guess, FUDCon has begun, after Jared talk Barcamp organization started, thanks to Igor Soares for his effort to set it up while I was taking care of the IRC channel issue it was close, but was fixed by the City of knowledge technical staff, thanks for their quick response.

Lunch hour arrive and we walk to building 105 were lunch was waiting for us, more relax and with a great deal of accomplishment. Other talks were done but Valentin Basel and ICARO project make the people laugh, enjoy and more important see this easy going a bit crazy fedorian doing something great to change children education, trough technology. Thanks Valentin for your great work.

The day end with a talk of technical documentation from Jared, after that we set to the villas one two blocks away from the convention center were we got ready for dinner. After dinner many continue hacking and enjoying their self at the Villas.

Great day.

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