Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FUDCon Panama 2011 Day 2

New day new challenges, we started early setting up banners, on building 105 “Centro de Negocios” at City of knowledge” our main local sponsor thanks to Gabino Ayarza for helping us to get this done, we have three rooms for 50 people each prepared for us, all ready with two screens, projectors wireless mics and sound system ready. The staff there have everything ready, many thanks to them.
Once again our protocol staff took care of receiving everyone, the only issue was that a group took a room not assigned to them to give a talk about visualization, that make some people not easy, but Potty come to the rescue and arrange the schedule, talks and rooms so every one has it place. This time more people show us up, the spare unregistered badges run out, the list of attendees grow up to 170, many of them came previous day others did not.
Seen people going to one room to the other to get to the next talks and checking talk schedule was important and encouraging. Some talks fill more rooms than others but that is the beauty of Barcamp format.
Workshops started and one of the most encouraging part of the FUDCon started, it really started the night before when Guillermo Gomez “Gomix” from rpmdev project give Potty and me, the rpmdev official wear, we have graduated as packager from some time now, we wear next day, must local members were asking how to get one of them, to what we reply “this has to be earn, as you graduated as packager”, that also make us hear some jokes, as packagers are the local boys at supermarket who put your groceries on the bags, one of the goal of rpmdev project is to teach packager and developers, the Fedora way.
So may of the local and fedora team started they tutorials to this goal, become a Fedora Packager, one of the best opportunity, as it was a great face to face session on packaging and getting the package done and ready to be reviewed and sponsored.
It was fun as the en of the day came and people wanted to stay on building 105, we move to villas were people continue tutoring and enjoying their self.

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