Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FUDCon Panama day 3

It was fun start this new day, learning that Luis Bazan and Juan Barba (Fedora Panama Designer Team) has been sponsor as packagers, other graduate during the day.

Tatica talk to Juan so he can puts his skills to the artwork of Fedora 16, so his inspiration and art skills will shine on Fedora 16.

Many talks and lite talks were done, must impressive to me was one of our younger Fedora Panama, members Joel Batista 14 years old, and his project, look like there is a future for Fedora Panama. During the Fudcon Joselo another 14 years old was there listening an learning about Fedora, he wants to become a packager, so we will help him to accomplish this goal.

It was a raining day, but we enjoy it as we listen and view all Fedora members having fun, sharing ideas, sharing knowledge and must of all becoming friends.

The afternoon was set so a bus will pick up everyone at the villas, we wait there with Joel, Joselo and all delegations were we work and share before arriving to the FUDPub, the plan was to go to Bolos El Dorado, were everything was ready, except for our big surprice the Fedora 15 birthday cake.

We bowl and celebrate all work accomplish this three exceptional days.

Sharing this experience with all Panamanians that took this opportunity to learn and share with our exceptional fellow Fedorians that join us for the FUDCon. Thanks all of you.

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