Friday, March 26, 2010

Pre Flisol Panama UIP

Pre Flisol talks on Panama, continue this time we meet with students and teacher at Universidad Interamericana de Panama, we have talks from mayor Free Software communities in Panama, Fedora Panama, Ubunto Loco Team Panama, Open Suse Panama and caelinux. This time the talks were transmitted by video conference to ULACIT, all talks were related to open source communities and how be part of them. We also have a talk working and jobs with Free Software by ELCONIX and Cidetys.

After this talks we work with teaches and students and invite them for our next event on the 8 and 24 of April.

follow us at our next event on April 8 from 10:00 am to 2:00pm more info :

Thanks to the Dean Mirta Rodriguez and Meli Saborio.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini Debian Conference Panama

Panama Mini Debian Conference

From March 19 to 21, many central American Debian users and developers got together on Panama City of knowledge, the opportunity to share knowledge was something I could not miss, so been a Fedorian, was the blue spot on this Red meting, to my surprise there was another Fedora user and Ambassador from Salvador Jose Eduardo Lopez Vasquez

The first talk was an introduction to the Debian community and how it works, it was interesting to learn the ways and rules of this community, even do he mention that they still have to learn some things from other communities like Fedora, while he point me out, because I was wearing my Ambassador Polo (the 19 was a pre flisol talk earlier on the day). Also the mention Tatica enthusiastic and energetic love for Fedora give us an impression of what Fedora and his people are teaching to other FLOSS communities.

We have a full weekend of talks like:

Package by Alejandro Rios
Compiling the kernel the Debian way by Héctor colina
Debian Free Software Guidelines by Marcelo E. Magallón
Bug reporting by Marcelo E. Magallón
Debian translation by Luis Uribe(@luisuribe)
pbuilder by Rene Mayorga
introduction to Debian Package by Rene Mayorga
Quilt by Josue Abarca(@jmaslibre)
Gnupg by Fernando Estrada

It was nice to share experience on Free Software and Open Source we learn what other countries are doing and got this at the end. We need more opportunities to share and learn.

More Pics at

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting ready for FLISOL

As part of FLISOL we are getting to
know the teams that will help us on the Install Fest, teams from
every University that is part of this year FLISOL are getting
together to know how to install and how our community works.
Universidad Interamericana of Panama, was our first team to train,
thanks to the collaboration of Dean Mirta Rodriguez and Meli


Preparándose para el

Cada universidad que es
parte del FLISOL de este año en Panamá, esta colaborando con grupos
de estudiantes que nos apoyaran en el festival de instalaciones, el
grupo de la Universidad Interamericana de Panamá, es el primer
grupo en entrenarse para este evento, gracias a la colaboración de
la decana Mirta Rodriguez y Meli Saborio.