Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The work of a 15 years old Fedora Ambassadors got Awarded

In the Flisol 2010 we meet Johel a 13 years old kid who ask me to install Fedora in his machine, it was an energetic kid, with a bunch of questions of what I was doing and interest.

Johel at the Flisol 2010

After that day we found him on almost every Fedora or Floss event and we started to know him, he bring new friends to the events, help with installations and did more to become part of Panama community.

Johel at the villas during the fudcon

So it was not estrange to see him on the FudCon last year, what was new, was that he did a light talk about his project a web site to share knowledge about school matters and Fedora.

For his work on the local community his application to become a Fedora Ambassador was approved around Flisol this year.

As time past his small project got notice by a local news were a news paper did and article about what he was doing, last week a TV channels awarded him as a "Panamenian Hero" for his work to help other on education creating videos and sharing what he has learn with others.

Congrats Johel, keep up with the good work.

Spanish here

Event at Colon City.

Events in Panama, are focus on Panama city, time limit us to normally visit other cities and resources limit us to organize on other cities. This time a team of students from UTP Colon organize their own event call "TICs el poder en tus manos"  and invite us to be part of event.

Colon city is an hour drive from Panama and we did not  know people to organize events there our self, so we welcome the invitation as speaker for this event. So three of us visit Colon for this talks.

We meet the group of students who organize the event, for us it was a free software event so we needed to show all presentations on free software computer, therefore we ask if we could use one of ours they agree but ask us to show the videos they have prepare,to our surprise they have prepare a short video of every one of us with our profile, pictures and information about our talk. Something that show the amount of dedication and time to prepare the event they spend.

Attendance enjoy our talks and ask questions about them, we interest on the subjects and a warm welcome.

More when they ask us if we could go back and do work shops and more talks about free software, Wikipedia and Fedora, a few of the attendance has come to our events on Panama city so they ask if could do the Fedora School we did last year on a bugsquashing team event we did after Fudcon Panama.

After the event people gather at the Fedora booth for stickers and Fedora media, many users and some new Fedora users.

The more important note of this event was that is was organize by seniors students for the first and second semester students.  After the event we enjoy dinner with all attendance.

Event Organizers and US

We are looking forward to organize events in Colon.

Thanks to Luis Vivar and all who help organize this event for inviting us and all details.

More pics here
Spanish here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wiki love Monuments Panama and other local activities

Fedora and Open Stack talk at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama on Tuesday this week, was interesting talk and share with people interested on the subject. Thanks to Querybe Urriola for inviting me.

We celebrate the Wiki Love Monuments Panama Awards event, with organizers judges and winners of this photographic contest, over 2500 pics where added to wikipedia trough this contest , you can see awarded pictures and all pics go to and

Fist place
Casas antiguas de Barrio Sur, en Ave. Domingo Díaz (entre calle 12 y 13), provincia de Colón.
Autora: Inés Cabrera

Second place 
Cementerio Corozal SIlver, provincia de Panamá.
Autor: Tommy Guisepitt

Third place
Torre de la Catedral, Panamá Viejo
Autor: Rodolfo Aragundi

Many thanks to Monica Mora, all organizer and sponsors  of this contents, special thanks to David Narvaez from floss-pa who help coding part of the tools used to qualify the pictures and the first map of monuments in Panama

Panama Wiki Love Monuments winners and organizers.

Floss-Pa meeting and KDE workshop to add Panama important dates to KDE official calendar

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wandering what the Fedora 19 Release name will be?

Well Fedora chose release name by community election.

Proposed names are:
  • Cubical Calf
  • Higgs Boson
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Martian Blueberries
  • Newtonian Dynamics
  • Parabolic Potassium
  • Schrödinger's Cat
  • Tiddalik
  Personally I like Schrödinger's Cat, it will be neat after Spherical Cow (Fedora 18 release Name).


By the way Fedora Elections are on their way for FESCO, FAMSCO and the Fedora Board, if you want to be part of one of this committees, more info

Desayuno TICs - Gestión de TIC con Open Source - Cidetys - Ciudad del Saber

On November 2 of this year we were invited to talk at business breakfast  about the cloud and  Open Stack. It was kind of a new experience for me since the audience were many business managers and administrators.

So trying not to be technical was the main point, second was to talk more about the advantages of using the cloud and Open Stack on private and public clouds.

There were really interesting questions about the security of the cloud and the after talk questions was even better.

Our friend Diego Tejera from Drupal Panama, also talk about Drupal.

It was fun, Thanks to Cidetys for giving us the opportunity to share this experience with them.

Review of the event on spanish