Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The work of a 15 years old Fedora Ambassadors got Awarded

In the Flisol 2010 we meet Johel a 13 years old kid who ask me to install Fedora in his machine, it was an energetic kid, with a bunch of questions of what I was doing and interest.

Johel at the Flisol 2010

After that day we found him on almost every Fedora or Floss event and we started to know him, he bring new friends to the events, help with installations and did more to become part of Panama community.

Johel at the villas during the fudcon

So it was not estrange to see him on the FudCon last year, what was new, was that he did a light talk about his project a web site to share knowledge about school matters and Fedora.

For his work on the local community his application to become a Fedora Ambassador was approved around Flisol this year.

As time past his small project got notice by a local news were a news paper did and article about what he was doing, last week a TV channels awarded him as a "Panamenian Hero" for his work to help other on education creating videos and sharing what he has learn with others.

Congrats Johel, keep up with the good work.

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