Saturday, January 28, 2012

Floss Parking Enero 2012

Floss Pa, group meets once a month on an activity call floss parking, this month we meet at New York Bagels Coffe, this is an unformal event, and there is no specific topics, however this time we had some topics on the agenda, Flisol, SOPA and all other freedom restriction initiatives, the first developing project for floss-pa community was part of the agenda.

On Flisol we share previous experiences organizing Flisol Panama, this year Panama city leader will be one of our own Abdel "Potty" Martinez.

SOPA, PIPA and ACTA was a topic that has rise lots of concerns, and patents trolls.

Floss-pa first software project took more time on the talk,  David Narvaez will lead the group and you will soon start reading more details about it, as we organize and start coding, but some code samples are already been done.

It also was an opportunity to meet face to face to python community, that will be starting small project on their own.

The rest of the time we share and enjoy, good coffee, burgers and more.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the must read list.

One of my friends David Narvaez, a founder member of,  has wrote an article about SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and all other legislation around and to come, to deal with piracy, or at least try.

On his article title  Electrocuting Modern Elephants he take Tomas Alba Edison, and his battle versus AC, back when electricity was the new technology, as sample of what old traditional business model  are trying to do, to keep a live promoting this laws.

Definitive an article on the must read list.

Panama 2012 activities

2011 was a great year, full with floss activities, this year, floss-pa community and Fedora community, is planning to participate on all mayor Panamanian floss activities and FudCon Margarita.

This is the schedule for mayor floss activities on Panama this year.

Document Freedom Day Mach 28 2012

Azuero Campus Party 30 & 31 de March 2012

FLISOL   21 de April 2012

Fedora 17 Release Party  May 26 2012

Linux Day August 27 2012

Software Freedom Day September 14  2012

Drupal Camp Centro America October 11-13 2012

Fedora 18 Release Party November 24 2012

We are planning to have other additional activities, plus talks and Fedora boots to any activity we are invited.

Will keep you posted as we reach each one of those dates.