Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An honorable mention to Trisfera

As Fedora ambassador I have meet with many people over the last years, don't remember how long ago, some one mention Trisfera, a group of students at local university that gather together to share knowledge, from time to time they invite a free software community members to this gatherings where they share a specific theme, must of the time about web technologies. Trisfera led by Alexis Hevia share their passion about education and free knowledge. When we held the Fudcon last year many of them participate on it with us to learn and share.

This summer they created The Trisfera Summer Camp where they teach all things that they have learn and share with any body that could join them. They even when a the extra mile and public all the classes so people that could not join in person can learn using e-learning tools.

For that I take my Fedora hat and salute you Trisfera, keep the good work.

Sorry folks but their material is in Spanish.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

mejorandomx conference Panama site

The younger member of Fedora Panama, Johel Batista a 14 year old, web developer, entrepreneur and Free software enthusiastic, join with Trisfera group, and contacted the organizer of and Maestros de la Web, who organize a conference in Mexico, to set a site on Panama, and meet with all local follower to watch and give talk to be streamed to all Latam, I was invited to give a talk on free software languages to develop web sites.For two day they meet to listen to all talks via stream from Mexico and present and stream their local talks to all Latam. Congratulations to Johel and Trisfera for this initiative.

We spend a fun time and later spend time on CoderBuddy department where we share experiences and  ideas to improve community participation.

Thanks Johel for Inviting me.
Thanks Adrian Scott of Codder Buddy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leadership is key

Around three years ago, I decide to join fedora ambassadors group, it has been quite a ride, meting new friends, local and international, giving talks and be part of the local free software and open source community, but about all, when joining the group without knowing it, became the leader of the local Fedora community group, over time many others brilliant and enthusiastic young people join the group, many of them join other groups within Fedora, they share their knowledge and promote Fedora.

As with all things it is time for a change, time to let some one else take the lead Fedora Panama, Abdel “Potty” Martinez, has been around Fedora Panama, helping, giving talks and more important bringing new talent to the Fedora Community, so he is the natural choice to lead Fedora Panama.

I will continue to be part of this community, and be around to help on anything I can, thanks to all that invite to give talks and all of you who listen to them, but about all, all of you go join Fedora. Special thanks to my wife and son who support me on this.