Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An honorable mention to Trisfera

As Fedora ambassador I have meet with many people over the last years, don't remember how long ago, some one mention Trisfera, a group of students at local university that gather together to share knowledge, from time to time they invite a free software community members to this gatherings where they share a specific theme, must of the time about web technologies. Trisfera led by Alexis Hevia share their passion about education and free knowledge. When we held the Fudcon last year many of them participate on it with us to learn and share.

This summer they created The Trisfera Summer Camp where they teach all things that they have learn and share with any body that could join them. They even when a the extra mile and public all the classes so people that could not join in person can learn using e-learning tools.

For that I take my Fedora hat and salute you Trisfera, keep the good work.

Sorry folks but their material is in Spanish.

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