Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bids for FudCon Latam 2013 are Ready

Fedora Users and Developers Conference is the most important Fedora event in our regions, Latam has been bless to celebrated for 4 years now and the bids and competition to host this magnificent event are ready for 2013, two countries has announced their proposal.

Cusco, Peru bid is ready, local team lead by Henry Hachante keep working to get more sponsors, they have done a great job preparing the bid.

Managua, Nicaragua bid is ready, local team lead by Neville Cross keep working to get more sponsors, they did a great job preparing the bid.

Latam region reviewed the two proposals to be sure they are ready to be evaluated.

The main differences between the two proposals is the month of the event Managua best time is estimated to be on mid July while Cusco estimated to be in mid September.

To give time to prepare the event we are looking for the decision to see who win this year, both proposals are great, but we can only have one FudCon so a decision have to be made.

Thanks to all teams that work preparing the bids.

Good Luck to both teams.

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William Moreno said...

Que gane el mejor :)

Eduardo Mayorga Téllez said...

Just hoping success for the event, wherever it happen

sontek said...

Is there still time to propose? I didn't know FUDCon was looking at LatAm but Chile would be a great place for it and would love to put together a proposal.

Alejandro Perez said...

Well FudCons on Latam are part of Fedora Yearly events, so people from Chile that were part of the Fudcon in Valencia new about the bids. I'm not sure if is late to bid, if you can come up with a bit with thing one week. But I think it could be unfare for you. My best advice will be to prepare for 2014.