Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome Fedora 11.

Well this month was the official release of Fedora 11, so lets download the Live CD after download just reboot my notebook and after a while there it was Fedora 11 working no complains no rush no problems, but since it was the first test let wait a bit more.

A week later there was a request to setup Linux on a Asus Eee PC 4G, so why not use Fedora 11 on it, well it did work with no problem there, of cource this was Gnome distribution CD and this is small machine with a Celeron 512 MB of RAM and of course 4G as hard drive, so we kick out Gnome and use Xfce, just use

yum install xfce

Later we remove gnome and install some gnome applet that we needed to work on xfce one of them Network Manager applet. By doing so we won almost 800 Mbytes of free space, of course we require Open office and it eat almos 300 Mbytes, but it was working.

So installing and configuring from the Live CD work like a charm.

Now let try to upgrade my Fedora 10 notebook to Fedora 10.

To do so we run the yum upgrade and it came to this

It downloaded the release info and installer images and after a while this is a while, you can interrupt the process because it will continue later and it will restart at the point you close it. So long waiting it ask me to reboot to continue the upgrade process did some and the upgrade was completed after a couple of hours, it really works. One thing however is it take to much time on the overall process so my recommendation will be to upgrade from a distribution DVD it will save you time.

After all upgrade my screen came nice but as always some small details, the first thing to notice was that the compiz fuzion did not work any more Ati drive was not working as before, after a lot test following procedures from the Fedora forums but nothing works, why because there is no a release form my ATI Radeon Movility 9100 IGP module on the new kernel yet. So will have to wait to be able to work with desktop effects for it.

The other thing that did not work was my ruby script language, natural i have to compile it again and works.

Eclipse, Aptana has to be installed noting new there.

The omnibook driver has to be compile again so it was compile and it works no problem there and now my CPU work cooler than ever, guest a better kernel management.

The same machine and some how it feel a little faster now, maybe me, so Thanks to the people working on Fedora 11 nice going, still will wait and see how it works with compiz.

Congrats to the Fedora Team.

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