Monday, August 10, 2009

Giving a little .. to make something big.

Been around GNU/Linux for several years, learning, showing the advantage of Free Software, and more important enjoin my self with all this free tools, I was wandering how can we contribute to this free software community, some projects has donations links, but if you want to help out and you don't have the computer skills or the money to give away, what you could do?

Well, is right for you, no need of advance skills, just join, and there are many projects and ways to contribute, of course if your advance coder you can join those groups too, but more important is that is open to any one. You can join to be at events, participate on improvements, help others on the use of Free Software. Every one is welcome, programmers , sysadmins, graphic designers, people persons, translators and some other projects.

So don't miss the opportunity to give something to the community that give you lot of things for free.

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