Friday, November 12, 2010

Release Party Panama, Fedora 14

Release Party Panama,

Fedora 14 release party Panama, was the fist join release party, between Fedora Panama and Ubuntu Loco Team Panama, we know release parties have to be all about Fedora new release, but showing that these two well known Linux distribution and communities, can do something together was a good way to show that our local communities can work together. 

To plan the even we did divide task, organization, promotional time.

The even was also a great point to start a promotional campaign about Fedora Fudcon Latam next year.

First Fudcon Latam Panama poster, we invite everyone to be part of the Fudcon.

Talks about Ubunto 10.10 and Fedora 14 were great, we also talk about the community and the rpmdev project lead by Gomix, many people got interested and probably will see soon a couple of them joining the packing project on rpmdev.

We also talk about the Fudcon.

More pics 

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