Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quiet time, worked time.

Well, It has been a while since I don't write here, many things has come up, many things that keep me busy and tire. But in a sense happy.

Drupal Release party was the main gartering of January. I miss FUDCon Tempe, the opportunity was there but the time and family matters keep me in place, there will be others FUDCon to attend.

Document Freedom Day was also celebrated on March 30 at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama, they have talks and we took the opportunity to promote Fudcon.

Flisol Panama on April 9, was a good event this year many people shows up, there were talks, workshops and install fest. There was a python coder tips and show where "Potty" Abdel Martinez got awarded with a t-shit from fosdev.

Now we are close to the main event FUDCon Panama, we are making a big push to get all of you in Panama, and spend a few days sharing knowledge and Fedora interest with many people.


Anonymous said...

Any recordings or slides given at DFD - Panama?

Alejandro said...

Si las tienen pero el equipo organizador del evento no las han publicado estan en eso tan pronto esten te dejo el link para que las veas. Este es el sitio del grupo local encargado de la organizaci├│n del DFD