Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fedora 16 "Verne" Beta

Installed Alpha version of "Verne", in a Toshiba notebook, work smooth and fast, Gnome3 did not work because the ATI Raedon 9200i embed video card, so I have to play a bit with KDE, for a while, wanted to get the module, but there was no module for kernel version 3.1 that come with Verne.

After playing with alpha Beta version was announce, so I got my main machine and upgrade it to Verne using preupgrade tool, it toke some time, around 4 hours to get it to the reboot point to Fedora 16, it did not complain of any thing and found my encrypted partition on the machine with no issue. When I was  playing with Verne notice that it did not install the new kernel on grub, so I installed by hand and when it was ready to used  my screen when black with a kernel message that could not find my encrypted partition, seems like preupgrade was smart enough to figured out that the kernel image could not manage the encrypted partition, so reboot to the old Fedora 15 kernel and everything when fine, since I did not want to create a new initrd image to include the encrypted  module into the image, and everything was working fine with the old kernel, I decide to wait for an updated, two kernel updates later and now I have my Verne update complete running a 3.1 version of the kernel with my encrypted partition.

Verne seem faster than Fedora 15, Gnome 3.2 works fine, but give some issues with version 3 shell extensions that I had to remove. All other things runs pretty well. Seems like it is going to be another rock solid Fedora release. By the way love the background, thanks design team.

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