Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fudcon Latam Valencia

First of all, thanks to all people who organize the FudCon Latam at Valencia, we share many laughs, many histories and lots of Fedora experiences, some of them will be highlighted on this post. There is also some homework and commitments made by Latam Ambassadors so we will make our best to reach those goals.

Gonzalo Gomez, has been working teaching open source and Fedora to around 50 elder retired people, many of them professionals, now with goal to make some of them Spanish translators, looking forward to reach 100 and replicate his program to other areas.

Antonio Salles and Larry Letelier Larry Lletelier will work with some users to make them Fedora collaborators.

Carlos Marcano Gonzalez works in the states of Amazona and Delta Amacuro teaching Fedora to native people the Warao , he is reviewing the idea to translate Fedora to their native language, we will hear more about his progress soon.

Valentin Basel  took advantage of the opportunity to meet with some fedora people and exchange knowledge and information about his Icaro project , Yader Velásques  from Nicaragua will help him develop and package Icaro  libraries for Fedora, he need more python developers and packagers if you like to join please contact him, he is working on getting his robots into schools in Argentina.

Abdel Martinez join the fas-git group on FAS (Fedora Account System) to help out on this important part of the project.

We also pic up a list of packages we want to include on Fedora to help out on Open Stack, Daniel Bruno  from Brazil lead this effort with the help of Abdel Martinez , Luis Bazan  and my self.

Latam Ambassador at the FudCon had the privilege to work face to face with the FPL Robyn Bergeron, and exchange ideas of how to improve support for our area, many of this ideas leave us with some homework


Develop a wish list of the events we want to be part of with that a budget for the next quarter and the next year, the goal is to have a budged that will cover Fedora Latam needs. Deadline for this task is September 25 of 2012, to accomplish it every ambassador from latam has to identify the events on their countries, how much it will cost to be part of the event how many people will be part of it, if there is a transportation cost, hotel or other fees.

We need to figured out a way to ship swags around latam, there were some ideas that needs to be explore that will be my task for a couple weeks.

So it was a great Fudcon with many task accomplish and many more to do. Thanks to all, it was a privilege to share this experience with yo.

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