Monday, December 10, 2012

Bye bye, Miracle Beefy, Welcome Spherical Cow

Every new Fedora release, is a good time to test and see new features, normally I start testing on Alfa, but now after installing it on a test machine did not have to much time to play with it.

Another thing that change on my test is was I installed instead of using preupgrade, the main reason, Fedora 18 has a new installer so I wanted to see how good it was.

On the Alfa version I got a few details, but notice corrections on Beta, wich is good.

The new desktop options on the install including Mate and Cinnamon

Installation when perfect and after reboot and creating my user account, login into my desktop gnome3.

Gnome3 has nice look and works fine, but wanted to have some of the extensions, to customize a bit so yum install gnome-shell-extensions* to install all and something new and nice happen the fedmsg notification extension started showing me all stuff happening on fedora community, don't know if it was on Fedora 17 but found it now and love it.

For the fist time on long time I will use Spanish as my default Fedora language, let see if I can manage the differences.
Since installed from scratch needed to add small details, one that I has forgotten how to add dictionaries to Evolution my default email client but
Yum install enchant-aspell aspell-es solve that, one thing do if I set up my default desktop language as Spanish why evolution, did not include that dictionary. Think that is a bug to fix or a feature that we need to add.

Other than that Fedora 18 is looking good so far.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fedora elections, I voted did you?

One of the great thing about Fedora is it elections process, it allow to renew the community comities every six months, this drive a great dynamic community and give a voice to everyone.

This time we elect Fedora Board members 2 seats, Fedora engineer comity 4 seats and Fedora Ambassadors Comity 3 seats.

Please vote and participate. I did. To vote here

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bids for FudCon Latam 2013 are Ready

Fedora Users and Developers Conference is the most important Fedora event in our regions, Latam has been bless to celebrated for 4 years now and the bids and competition to host this magnificent event are ready for 2013, two countries has announced their proposal.

Cusco, Peru bid is ready, local team lead by Henry Hachante keep working to get more sponsors, they have done a great job preparing the bid.

Managua, Nicaragua bid is ready, local team lead by Neville Cross keep working to get more sponsors, they did a great job preparing the bid.

Latam region reviewed the two proposals to be sure they are ready to be evaluated.

The main differences between the two proposals is the month of the event Managua best time is estimated to be on mid July while Cusco estimated to be in mid September.

To give time to prepare the event we are looking for the decision to see who win this year, both proposals are great, but we can only have one FudCon so a decision have to be made.

Thanks to all teams that work preparing the bids.

Good Luck to both teams.

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