Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hackaton agains domestic violence Panamá

There has been many good post about our experience on the first hackaton in Panama, yea first as far as I know.

To me the best part of it was the opportunist to talk to some of our government agencies about open Data, and even do may of them did not have a really good idea of what a hackaton was and what they can archive on it they got an idea about inter-operation and how the Open source technology can bring them the answers to many of their issues.

As always the most difficult task was handle by our friend David Narvaez who tackle design and interactions with government agencies, to illuminate them is always a really complex task, but seems like they got the idea, so great job David. His post about the hackaton can be read here.

We work with Diego Tejera Paco whos blog post you can read here and Alexis Hevia and our challenge has its complexity but divide with brilliant  people any task can be easy, our main goal was to develop a poll site that can handle statistics, and reports about domestic violence, those reports include dynamic maps with stats, Alexis deal with that his post about hackaton can be read here.   But we wanted to show how that data can be as transparent and free to use that we added csv downloads and query with json result so it can be used to build other apps or more.

The team from Santiago de Veraguas lead by Gary Lezama, a group of UTP students that deside to participate in the hackaton work on the alert button app. We hope to see them again on other events in Panama.

This opportunities are elusive in Panama, so we hope next year we can repeat this experience and we have more government agencies, students and other interested parties  participating.

It was a great opportunity to meet new faces and share experiences with people from outside Panama city.

Thanks for the organizers, judges and staff.

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