Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Festival Abierto

Festival Abierto is local event that meet over 10K people, and meet ONG around Education, Culture and Science.  This year we were invited to show free software and show our community work.

It allow ONG to meet and talk about project with the same goals so they can work together, at the same time there is music from local and international artist.

We have a stand with all the stuff we could prepare for this event. We show Raspberry PI, OLPC, Icaro Fedora and some other community projects.

Members of the community talk to people about free software what we do and what are our goals as group. Many show interest, and found some Linux and Free Software Users who did not know about us and are interested on becoming part of the project.
more photos here

Icaro robot Valentin Basel robotic project was demonstrated with the help of two small robots, many people show interest on this project. Thanks for his support.

There was a great opportunity to show free software and talk to people, many thanks to the organizers.

We took advantage of this opportunity to invite people to Flisol 2013, that will be held at Universidad Tecnologica de Panamá, edif 3 on April 27 more info

Abdiel Martinez Flisol coordinator is working hard with his team to have a nice event on April, don't miss it.

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