Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FudCon Cusco 2013 before the event

Before FudCon

On Sunday, Luis Bazan and I travel to Cusco for FudCon, Cusco team greet us on the airport, we meet this guys for the first time, Alex and Cesar, after a couple of months on IRC meetings and talks. Valentin from Argentina travel earlier. Alex and Cesar explain us the tv interviews schedule, starting  on the most popular local TV show on Sunday, Valentin did the interview while they explain us the calendar of interviews on different local channels.

Next morning was time to go and pick up Jared and Dennis at the airport while Neville  (from Nicaragua was doing another interview), so arriving earlier allow us to do all tv  interviews to promote Fudcon, Fedora and free software, Abdel and Eduardo did half an hour interview about Fedora and free software.

But not was only interviews, local team had a schedule to visit different local universities so we had pretty busy schedule, we meet teachers and students who show interest about Linux and Fedora.

While we were not on interviews we work on Latam region issues.

As day passes we learn that over 1000 people was pre signup for the Fudcon, having a Barcamp with that much people was something that worried us, so we make plan to address it. The skill level was another concern so we organize to have some introductory talks and advance talks.

Soon we have everything ready as organizers Alex and Cesar show us everything was ready.

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