Monday, April 12, 2010

Pre Flisol Panama 2010, ElCONIX, David Bandel

Pre-Flisol talks continue as schedule, this time we had ear local open source companies talks at the chamber of commerce, and have honor to listen to David Bandel.

David Bandel talks on FOSS and innovation was a great way to learn why FOSS matters, his talks on IPV6 and its status on Panama, was a something we needed to listen and start getting ready for it, since look like our local ISP and government is not aware of it.

Our local students and teachers had the opportunity to listen why they need to teach and learn FLOSS technologies. This coming from the new bread of business using this technologies that have hard time to find a work force with this capabilities.

Thanks to all of them.

Grupo Axis
Container Consultans
Quantic Vision
Open System Networks


Parte de la promoción del FLISOL este año se realizaron charlas por empresas locales de Open Source y David Bandel.

Agradecemos a las compañias que nos apoyaron en este día.

Videos: IPV6 Inovacion

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