Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pre-Flisol Santiago de Veraguas, Panamá

After driving for 4 hours and our stop on Aguadulce, we arrive to Santiago, we check in on a hotel rest for a bit and get to Universidad Latina, were everything was ready, Pedro Corrales (Fedora Ambassador) and his team had everything setup so we just display our banner and wait til start. My talk to introduction to Fedora Project, the Fedora 13 features was there by request, Rafael Rivas and SkoleLinux was the feature presentation, it was a fun time sharing with Pedro and his staff. People ask for CD's and DVD's road trip day ended the next day. Next day we meet with some people from the board of education on Panama, we learn what they plan and how they will implement the new computer that will have a dual boot configuration were one Linux distribution is going to be setup. Panama communities will help students to use Linux on class, this is going to be a great challenge for us and will need all the help we can get.

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Pre-Flisol Santiago

En Santiago fuimos recibidos por el grupo Open Source Revolution en la Universidad Latina, ellos estaban bien organizados, realizamos nuestra charla sobre Fedora project y Goddard, el grupo de estudiantes y profesores mostraron interés en participar en la comunidad, fue una gran oportunidad para conversar con Pedro Corrales embajador de Fedora en Santiago. La participación de Rafael Rivas fue interesante. La empresa ELCONIX charlo sobre Mysql y sus aplicaciones en PHP. Descansamos en Santiago para regresar a ciudad del Panamá al día siguiente.

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