Monday, June 13, 2011

BST (Bug Squashing Team)

Before the FUDCon Panama, floss-pa group was creating the BST (Bug Squashing Team), the idea was to integrate local college students with some free software projects, in the area Documentation, translation and Bug fixing, to reach that goal Monica Mora from Cidetys and David Narvaez from, worked on getting all infrastructure require to invite students from UTP (Universidad Tecnologica de Panama) all do, it was an open invitations, the main laboratories was going to be provided by UTP, after a week they had over 100 entries of people interested. Many of them users of one or another free software technology. From that list around 25 were choose to start on the BST. While other member of local community were selected to be Team Leaders, the leader will have the capabilities to teach about the subject they were going to lead.

While on the FUDCon Monica Mora ask us if we could join the program, taking a group of people that responded to the BST invitation but were Fedora users, so we gladly accepted to be part of this project, the main goal for the Fedora group will be to share what we know about translation, documentation, packaging, bug zapping and design. To change Fedora users in to Fedora collaborators. To archive this goal we are going to be part of rpmdev..
Fedora Panama also help on setting 4 labs with Fedora 15 thanks for the work of (Abdel Martinez, Juan Barba and Nicolas Nieszawski )

BST started their introduction and training one Jun 4 with the general group. We were there visiting, it was a great start were people meet and learn in which are of the BST they like to participate.

BST first day.

Fedora group started on Jun 11 and we have 20 people join us for 4 hours while we introduce them to each Fedora group and we share our experience with Fedora family.

I introduce people to Translation and Documentation, while Abdel Martinez (Potty) introduce them to packaging and Luis Bazan (LoKoMurdoK) introduce them to IRC and how we communicate on Fedora.

Next session session we will cover RPMDEV and FAS account. And split the groups so we can start tutoring into their interested group.

Will post more into this new adventure for Fedora Panama with high expectation of getting more than one person into each fedora group.

There are many documentation about what BST is doing on it web page, with the tutorial and presentations.

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