Sunday, June 26, 2011

BST - Escuelita Fedora

On Saturday we have our third, training day at UTP (Universidad Tecnologica de Panama) seven translators join the Spanish translators team, and started to translate some Fedora Wiki pages, as part of the goal, on becoming part of Fedora Community, next Saturday will work on translating, some of fedora manual pages.

In the mean while at same time the other part of the Fedora Panama Team (Abdel and Luis) work on packaging with nine candidates that started doing their first Fedora package, soon will start sending their request for sponsorship of their packages. To become Fedora Packagers.

This is our first round, of training and hope to gain new fedora collaborators in the future. Thanks to Monica Mora from UTP - Cidetys and David Narvaez from floss-pa for organizing the BST and invite us to share this experience.

Later on Saturday we join floss-pa group to have our once a month meting floss-parking,

More pics here

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