Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Software Freedom Day 2011 Panama

It was that time of the year once again, Software Freedom Day, this year we held it at UTP (Universidad Tecnologica de Panama), we meet we with all local communities and with all freedom lover, we had talks, and debate about if Linux was ready for the desktop, with an outstanding conclusion, we are ready but we need to educate our new users, our competition is in every school, while we are left out to some university and courses.  Debate was moderated by Cris Faw.

Diego Tejera, welcome everyone to the event and give an introduction to free software, and the state of local communities.
Kiara Navarro talked about FEL (Fedora Electronic Lab), trying not to be technical.
Juan Barba, surprise use with his talk about "how to be part of Fedora Design and the process to get his art into Fedora 16", the surprise part was his talk done with Sozi.
Luis Bazan talk about his experience with Fedora, and how it is impacting his job.
Abdel Martinez did his presentation on rpmdev project.
Monica Mora, talk about her experience on the Wikipedia community.
Cris Faw talk about android from an Idea to global revolution.
Adrian Scott talk about python, and how to create your first application with Django.

We give away CD and DVD of Fedora and stickers.

After a great day we enjoy some pizza with the group, and later part of the group enjoy a movie.

Next event will be on Sept 24, were we will visit Santiago de Veraguas Panamá, to crash course on packaging and more Fedora stuff.

Software Freedom Day 2011 Panama

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Steve said...

Well done,software freedom is not something we should give up on. I wish i was there.
From Australia.